Michael Kors Wallets

Michael Kors brand manufactures the bags and wallets using fabric (usually branded with MK logos) and natural leather. If you are looking at the fabric, make sure that the logo is even. It is a really common thing for me to see the logo/print displacement in counterfeited products. Even if the wallet was purchased in the outlet (or discounted) – it should always have the logo printed in the properway.

It is really difficult to authenticate leather. However, there are some basic rules that you should follow. First of all, the leather must be natural, so if you can notice the synthetic smell – it is surely a fake. Secondly, natural leather should have this delicate, silky touch. Fake leather feels a bit more like plastic.

MK brand uses hardware in two colours: silver and gold. Pay attention to the fastening of the metal elements of the product. Especially when looking at the metal plate branded with Michael Kors logo (Michael Kors EST. 1981) attached to the external part of the wallet. Make sure if it is fastened strongly and evenly. Besides, the proper and even spacing between the letters is a really important factor.

Another metal element that we should examine is the zip fastener: the cursor with the branded tag – to be more precise.